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USB Rechargeable Camping Light 10Meter Light String Outdoor Tent Light RGB Atmosphere Light XTE LED Flashlight with Magnet Hook

USB Rechargeable Camping Light 10Meter Light String Outdoor Tent Light RGB Atmosphere Light XTE LED Flashlight with Magnet Hook

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Product parameters:
Product Name: Camping LED Light Strip
Product size: 108 x 37mm
Lamp strip length: 10m
Product weight: 210g
Fall prevention height: 1m
Waterproof grade: IPX4
Lamp strip protection grade: IP67
Product material: PC+ABS+Magnet
Charging: Type-C Charging(5V 1A)
Battery type: 2000Mah polymer lithium battery
Charging time: about 5 hours
Battery life: 5-12 hours
Lighting brightness: 80-250LM
Product use: 10 meter yellow light+RBG string light+24 SMD+XTE LED

Camping lights+atmosphere lights
Make the night more lively
Cleverly combining camping lights and atmosphere lights, solving the problem of lamp strip recycling through hand operated devices, creating various romantic atmospheres.

Carefully ponder and refine every detail
The hand operated device can not only recycle the light strip, but also serve as a hanging rod. Its simple design is suitable for various scenarios, combined with contrasting color design,
The atmosphere and appearance cannot be lacking

IP67 leather wire light strip
Transparent light without video flicker

The outer layer of soft glue is smooth and textured, emitting 360 ° light. At the same time, the lamp strip has good toughness and can be bent, folded, and wound.

Colorful and dazzling atmosphere
Outdoor camping atmosphere fills up

Breath gradient - color flashing switch between two levels,
Decorate a tent
Add a built-in atmosphere
Elegance always accompanies

Easily retract the light strip to avoid storage difficulties
Rotate the joystick clockwise to easily recycle the light strip

High brightness far beam
Essential for emergency lighting

Middle LED remote light source,
Long press the switch to turn on,
Highlighted spotlight, strong light, and distant shooting,
Good helper for emergency lighting at night

2000mAh large lithium battery
Multiple circuit protection

Breaking the challenge of traditional light strip battery modules being bulky and requiring frequent battery replacement,
Overcharge and overcurrent protection,
Safety low-voltage light strip,
Safety is the best product.

IP44 level overall waterproof
Not afraid of outdoor adverse weather

Water splashing protection,
Not afraid of harsh outdoor weather,
It can be used for normal lighting even when it rains

Four speed LED display
Remaining power is clear at a glance

Each grid represents 25% of the battery, monitoring the remaining battery in real-time without worrying about overcharging or discharging the battery. Please charge the remaining 25% of the battery in a timely manner!

TYPE-C fast charging
Compatible with multiple charging devices

Support for charging while changing to lighting,
Mobile phone charging cable can charge him outdoors, and mobile power can also be used for emergency power supply

USB power output
Can charge the phone

Outdoor second variable mobile power supply,
Keep your phone fully charged at all times,
Not afraid of low phone power

Back strong magnet
Easily adsorb lighting

Strong magnet on the back,
Can adsorb on any ferrous object
Free hands to provide emergency lighting

The atmosphere group is in place with multiple forms of companionship
Strong magnet on the back,It is not only suitable for camping,
It can also be used for home decoration,
Create various romantic atmospheres

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